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    Wholesoul a Lavender & Sage Eatery LLP is a local family owned and operated start up business that operates out of a food trailer at festivals, special community events, farmer’s markets and live music events serving delicious, nutritious and healthier versions of Soul Food recipes. We serve dishes from her “Wholesoul Natural Food Plan”, which was researched and developed by Kathleen Johnson over a span of 10 years. With the artistic and creative abilities of Lavender and Sage, the recipes have been taken to the highest quality 

Greens By Any Means Campaign

     The foundation of the “Wholesoul” eat REAL and HEALTHY food journey begins with our “Greens By Any Means” campaign. Yes you can have your cake and eat it too! However cooking and eating healthy most of the time is our goal! Celebrate with REAL, HANDMADE delicious treats prepared by loving, soulful gifted hearts and hands. But you must remember that food is your greatest resource for medicine and that is the most important Wholesoul initiative! Soul Real, Soul Fresh, Soul Delish!!!   

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